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November 4, 2015

We have had a lot of rain, and everything is so happy after being so dry for so long! I decided that I needed to get the Colonial Loom out of the studio and over to the house since I don't work in the Studio any longer. Its a big loom--45" 12 harness counter-march.

Rhonda and Melissa came and we started taking it apart and that was a job in itself!

we moved it in three pieces, and used the furniture dollys and the trailer hitched on to the Huskavarna. Worked really good, but we were so pooped!

I had already cleared a place for it in the living room over at the house so we just stood the pieces up so Rhonda and Melissa could go on as they were dying fiber and it was getting late.

we stacked them up so I could work with them

Then I begin putting it together, section at a time,

until I had it together and ready to go!

now I can weave near the heaters when its so cold this winter!!


October 28, 2015

today was beautiful. Started out cool and overcast, but then the sun came out and it was gorgeous. I raked the cypress leaves and mulched the Hostas

I really use that Husky, and the wagons I have to use with it. They make things so much easier for me, and I use the Husky for so much. Of course I mow with the Snapper, so I have to say I use them both so much!

I worked in the yard for a good while this morning, putting some organic fertilizer (cotton seed meal) in the broccoli tubs, penching dead rose buds off and pulling weeds

then I worked at the loom


October 27, 2015

I do get busy and without Lloyd to keep me in my routine, I seem to drift around. This summer I decided it was long past time to paint the house!! Believe me its a job for an older lady that has a bad knee to do! Its amazing how much you can do when your determined! I started out just to waterseal the front porch and railing. It went from there. First I watersealed with a stain:

and went on to paint the walls, and from there the whole house, including the upstairs!

I started in the house too, with the front door and the doorway from the dinning room into the kitchen. The summer was so hot that I could only work from early, around 6 or 6:30 am until around noon. Then it was inside to weave or work with the Orchids.

As soon as it cooled off enough to work outside it was late September and here came Missy and Justin Bolen with Zachery! They helped get that old Arbor on the north side of the Woodshop cleaned up which was just fantastic!

Then we went to the barn and removed some of the division fences to make the catches larger,

After they left I went at the yard, reworking flower beds and bringing the old arbor area up to snuff!

I have gotten a lot of my mulching done for the winter now. I think its going to be a cold winter from the fleeces on the girls and I would like to be prepared for whatever comes.

Kaleb got married this summer on July 19 to Kayla and it was such a blessing!! I have gotten to love her as much as I do Kaleb. I did 2 table runners for their wedding, one long enough to fit that big table they have

I have been going to guild meetings again. Rhonda picks me up and I go with her. Its been fun and the meetings are more geared to fun and learning now, so they are really enjoyable!

Its been a busy summer and now fall. I try to stay as busy as I can--I seem to do better that way. I am still trying to adjust. I am trying to get going on the loom for Christmas stuff, and I really need to put some energy into it as its getting late!!

Now this is what I call no stress!!


July 26, 2015

Wow, its been a while since I updated the News Page. I have been so busy weaving Katie's baby blanket and Kaleb's wedding presents.

I started with weaving a baby blanket for my Great Niece Katie for her baby Olivia, so exciting:

It came out very pretty!

The little chicks are pullets now and Charlene has taken her two on home--I miss them!

I went threw cataract surgery, and what a deal, but so rewarding! That first 4 weeks was something else, and right after surgery I had to protect the eyes of course. First we did the right eye, then the left,

I looked like some kind of bug when I had to go outside. Hart is still getting used to me without my glasses!

So very funny!

Then Kaleb, my great nephew and brother to Katie got married on the 19th of July, which is also Lloyd's death date. Made it very hard for me, but I got 2 table runners done in time for the Wedding, which was very beautiful.

Then my Son in Law, Dan Blashill retired with 32 years in the Army, which was a big deal for us for sure!

Our SWIC Guild meeting has been so very much fun!

I am now warping the big loom for another project, just started too!

Have been moving most of my working stuff from the Studio to the house since I have closed the Studio and want to use it so that has been a big deal and I am not finished at all yet.

I am still doing the orchid thing, although its rest time for them now. I miss the pretty blooms so much, but they will be at it before long. Some bloom stalks are alread apearing!

I am so ready for fall. I said I would not complain about the heat when it was cold this winter, but I take it back!!!


April 4, 2015

Danny got here on Thursday for shearing, and Rhonda with Melissa came too help. It was a good day, and the fleeces were just gorgeous!

The girls look so naked, but they just loved it!!!

Since there are 4 of them, Tony, Alponi, Theresa and Connie, there were 4 fleeces!

I got right on it and got the fleeces all skirted as they had been tagged at the barn, shook out and ready to ship to Morning Sun Fiber Barn.

Feels good to have that done! The baby chicks are growing like weeds and are so cute!

I am still working on Katie's baby blanket, but its really looking exciting! I love the pattern.

The Orchids are really beginning to look nice, full of blooms!

The beds in the yard are looking really good too. Tomatoes are blooming as well as the eggplant and I have lots of salad greens. Beans are climbing as well as cucumbers and the peppers are trying to keep up with the squash!


March 19, 2015

I think spring has arrived with all its wonders! Even the cats are lazy, and stay on the hunt!! With the spring showers, and warm temperatures spring fever is everywhere with blooms and gardens.

The flowers along the drive way are just beginning to really get going, and they are just so pretty!

I can hardly wait for the Voodoo lilies to bloom. The raised bed garden is really coming along, it won't be terribly long and I will see blooms and veggies! I wish that we had these containers long ago, it would have made things so much easier. They are easy to work in, and maintain. Picking is a pleasure and weeding just so much easier than it was.

We have had so much rain that if it has been a regular garden like we always had everything would have drowned out and we would have to replant. As it is the drains run constantly draining the water off but keeping the ground moist. I am thinking summer time will be just as good as I can water, but it won't stand on the plants. Excited to see how it works. I know that the flower beds did so well last summer and I had raised most of them and had the bio-filters changed into flower/vegitable beds and moved into the front.

The 4 ewes look so good and are so spoiled. They look better than the catches I run them in as the grass, and weeds are really getting going! We will shear them Easter week, and they are so ready.

left to right they are Tony, Aponi, Theresa and Connie in the picture on the right.

I need to do some maintance in the Patio, but will have to wait until I can spray and work in there all day. The flowers are beautiful, and the fish are really pretty. The Koi are beginning to move around now that the water is warming up and they come up to eat now.

I can keep the shutters up now, and let the house air out, which feels so good. Of course it will change as the temperatures rise, and the air conditioning has to come on. I am still working on the baby blanket for Katie too.


March 11, 2015

Everything seems to be in bloom and its so refreshing even though its so wet! We have water everywhere, and more coming. It makes the raised bed even more wonderful as the water drains off just as fast as it seems to fall. At least my plants don't just drown out and die from being in the water. That used to be a big problem with the big garden and we would have to replant a lot when it rained like this. I am just about ready to start planting my tomatoes, squashes, cucumbers and such. I keep telling myself its not after Easter yet, but I am beginning to think I am not going to wait.

the salad greens are about a 1/4 inch now, with sugar snap peas sprouting. I can see little carrots among them too. I put celery see in with the salad greens, but its my first time to plant it and I really don't know what to look for, but I am hopeful.

All the flower bed in the front are just so pretty, and it will be time to plant them soon.

I need to plant more flowering cabbage/Kale next year as it was so beautiful this year.

Camelias are gorgeous, even though they took some hard hits with cold weather they just keep blooming and are so stunning!

The daffodils are just beginning as well as some of the hyacenths and tulips,

Of course the tulips have yet to start blooming, but it won't be long.

Inside the house in my flower nook, the orchids are blooming and so beautiful! I have enjoyed them so very much.

The last Amarylis in the house is blooming too.

I am so ready for spring!!


March 10, 2015

The winter as seemed to be so long, and I have neglected to keep the News page up. I got a new cell phone, one with txt and photo so I have been learning to use it. You would think that would be easy, but it takes some time to learn especially when you have always thought a phone rang, you talked and then hang up!!!!!!!! I have been working with the sock machines a lot, learning to do fingerless mittens. They have been so very popular, I can't make them fast enough for my family and friends!

Another thing I have been working on is a raised bed garden. Since it is so hard for me to work on the ground anymore I decided that all those bio-filters, endless barrels and old bath tubs needed to be put to use. So I started working on that

It is so nice to be able to just walk up to the beds and work in them. Of course its winter stuff now, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprots, mixed greens with snap peas, onions, things that will take the cold. I am so eager for spring where I can really get something going. I have already went through the broccoli and the Kale is getting thin. I still have lots of Swiss Chard and I love it especially wilted on meats and as a side dish.

Hart has finally begin to love me. I think she still misses Lloyd and sometimes still blames me because he isn't here, but it seems to be getting so much better and she will come and be with me more and more.

The green birds, Cush-Cush and Clyde still are the same and they will sit for as long as I am in the flower nook and watch me.

It seems that all I have are reclaimed cats. A new kitten showed up, and normally I don't keep them, but this one, a Calico was so cute and sweet that it looks like she is to stay.

I have gotten my herb garden going very well in the windows of the dinning room, and I keep them snipped close in using them for my cooking. Its so cool to have fresh herbs to enjoy with my meals.

I have started a baby blanket for Katie's baby which is due in June or July, and I hope its as pretty as I think it will be. Charlene found a beautiful undulating twill pattern that I will be using. I am very eager to see how it will look. Right now I have threaded the reed, and am starting on threading the heddles. Its slow going as I can't sit for lon without taking a break.

The sheep are doing so well, and are very spoiled, just being four of them now. Alyssa quietly went to sleep in the fall from age and I was sad, but glad she was home where I could have her for a while and she could be where she had been all her life. I have Tony, Aponi, Theresa and Connie here with me now. They are enough to keep me happy and enjoy the pleasures of pure Gulf Coast. Nothing compares with having such companions.

Its looking more and more like spring, and I am eagerly anticipating the spring growth!! Danny will be here at Easter to shear and I am excited about that, but not nearly as much as the girls!! hehehehehe,


November 7, 2014

I worked all day in the patio, trimming, cleaning, raking, redoing edging and so forth. I moved some of the statuary, and pruned camelias, and magnolias along with the roses. I am so pooped. I trimmed the fig vine on the pools, and pruned back the trifolia, which was a job! I still have the propane tank to paint, and I wish I could paint the house, but that's not happening anytime soon. I will be raking leaves for a while yet, so I didn't sweep, knowing that it would be just as bad tomorrow.

I am pleased with it, and so wore out, but I think it was worth the work!


November 6, 2014

I am still working in the patio, its slow and tedious. I still have lots of fig vine to get off the pools, and of course the leaves are just beginning to fall, so there will be lots of them. I got the 3 new bulb beds in today, I am so pooped. The two beds next to the house are daffodils and tulips, the one on the side of the pools is Hyacinths. So now I have my fall bulbs planted, I hope they do well and bloom lots this spring. I did plant Ajuga as cover on the beds, looks nice.


October 29, 2014

Today is very overcast and some sprinkling so far, so I mostly stayed inside and worked on the sock machine.

This seems to be a very pretty pair of socks too. I got a new flower pot, and put the "Hen and Chicks" in it, beautiful! Also while digging around in the old greenhouse I found 2 really cute flower pots I had forgotten about and brought them in, cleaned them up and have them ready for plants.

All the new flowers are settling in and really starting to be beautiful, and the new bed has transplanted Ajuga that is perking up so nicely too!

I picked the last of the persimons off the tree by the Studio. There are still on the persimon tree on the north side of the woodshop, but I didn't get them. Both trees are Oriental persimons, and so very good when they ripen.

I put them on the window sill, hopefully it won't take to long for them to soften.


October 23, 2014

The pansies, Snaps and Violas are finaly ready, and Kaleb brought them last evening after work.

So this morning early I got out there and started planting. The bed looked really bare, and very daughting when I started

It was worth it and it took me to nearly noon, but it does look so nice!

I had a few left over that I could dress up the pots with, so I did that too!

I hope to get back to the sock machines now. Still, I have the patio to do yet, but I will get to it


October 22, 2014

It was such a beautiful day, cool, lots of sunshine and I started to mulch the Citrus orchard and actually finished all the citrus and blueberries! Even got the Mirliton mulched.

I really felt like I had gotten something done! By then it was chore time, so I fed the sheep,

and headed to the house for a shower, but I stopped to get a picture of that big Pyracantha near the front of the house,

Its so stunning with all that color!


October 18, 2014

Today Mark, Kaleb and Violet brought my winter wood, its very impressive stacked ready for winter!

I got the two new flower bed finished, planting pansy's and viola's around the outer border cinder blocks.

They look so nice! I planted the ones left over in the main bed by the deck, and added the other bird bath to the long bed by the drive way,

The beds and birdbaths are so beautiful, I am excited!!

Inside in my little flower nook by the Green Birds avairy, I seem to be making progress and its also looking so impressive!

I am pooped, but feel like we really made progress today!


October 16, 2014

fall is one of my favorite times of the year, especially when it turns cool and the humidity drops, all the fall colors come out and its time to do fall gardening. I have started 2 new beds

I still have to fill the cinder blocks in with good potting soil and plant Violas, but its coming along. I still have the bed next to the deck, but its not quite time yet for panseys, violas, and snapdragons.

The bed by the Elephant bird bath is so beautiful!

The 48 slot cylinder came in for the Auto Knitter and I got it on the machine

So I have already started working with it. I have the set-up bonnet on and have knitted several rows of scrap yarn. Its really looking nice too!!!

what a day I have had today, but at least my computers are back up, and I have my cable back!!


October 6, 2014

I am working on the LeGare now with the 54 slot cylinder and the first pair of socks are made, but they look funny because I am learning tensions!

I hope the next pair of socks looks better, and I am working towards that goal!


September 29, 2014

I am still working with the Auto Knitter and I think I am actually catching on! Today I got a pair of socks made!!!

I have been working in the flower bed by the deck trying to get it ready for fall planting. I plan on lots of pansy's and Viola's along with snapdragons!

The yard is full of fall foliage, pyracantha, Rain Tree in full bloom, and lots and lots of Spider Lilies!

two of the orchids are still gorgeous with lots of bloom,

and I also brought in some of the Geraniams and strawberries along with creeping jenny and Spanish moss,

I am really enjoying my little flower nook here in the house, its really cool!


September 23, 2014

I have really been busy trying to learn to use the Auto Knitter CSM so I can teach Linda, and getting ready for fall too. I am not as tough as I was once and it takes me longer, but I enjoy it all.

I did a lot of room moving around, getting the 8ft Triangle Loom that Lloyd made me into the house so I could use it again, and that was a job, but I got it done!!

I have been getting lights up and shelves up for the flowers too, and the Orchids are just gorgeous!

I am still learning the Auto Knitter, but have progressed right on along--its slow and tedious, taking a lot of time and sometimes down right frustrating! I have the most trouble with the heel, as I forget to keep the tension correct at times and it will drop stitches and then I have to stop and pick them up, still its fun and rewarding,

when I got this sock done, I knew I was beginning to do better and it inspired me to keep going, and then I got this sock, which I have placed below the one Peggy did for Lloyd, who has a much smaller foot than Linda's husband.

I have the machine mounted on a stool now, and its much more organized and looks lots better, gives us more room and is quite satisfying!

I am thinking I need to get the secure yards mowed for the Sheep as they are tall and thick. Sheep like to graze a much finer graze and even though they will harvest the grass seeds, they don't like the tough taller grass.


August 20, 2014

The Moonflower Kaleb brought is blooming so beautifully and I am enjoying it so much as well as the bed next to it that I put there to hide the Oak Tree Stump.

Linda Nightingale and I have decided to learn how to make socks on the circular sock machines. I have two, a Legare 400 and and Autoknitter that I purchased back in 2000. I have never gotten past doing tubes and haven't even used either for a good while, but now we are working at learning together on the machines. I am working on the Legare and Linda is working on the Autoknitter. Its been very interesting, sometimes frustrating and always time consuming, but so much fun!!

The Legare I am working on is tucked in the corner where its been for a good while, but I am doing heels, and lots of runs--such an enlightning experience! Makes one envy those that crank out socks so well,

Linda is working on the Autoknitter, and having every bit as much enlightning as I am!!

We are both determined to get it right!! At least we have each other to share with and help.


August 14, 2014

this was 2nd Thursday in the month, Guild Meeting so Rhonda and I were off to Moss Bluff. We started play-day time about 3pm, and it ended right at dark. It was a really cool meeting, lots of fun, show and tell, and we watched a video of Gladys Clark on carding and spinning brown cotton. Such a wonderful meeting,

Rhonda and I made it home after dark, but it was well worth it, even if my birds thought otherwise!!


August 10, 2014

today I went with Rhonda over to Charlene's for a Cotton Spinning Workshop. We had so much fun, and did a lot of cotton spinning too!

From Belinda:

I got Charlene's pictures too, and we did have more fun, and it was a good day with lots of wonderful company, good food, and fun!


August 7, 2014

I finally finished the dining table and the matching buffet. They are so beautiful, and I am cleaning and polishing the other pieces in the room. I only have 2 pieces left to do, and I will be through with the dining room. Lots of work, but worth it.

I am hoping to get finished tomorrow!


August 4, 2014

I started on the dinning room again this morning after chores. I finished the finish sanding on the table which made it like glass and so beautiful!

I was tickled for that to be done so I could start cleaning up the dining room and moving things around. Of course I started on the north end of the room where the rest of the set is, the buffet and the china cabinet. Using the vacumn cleaner to clean up sawdust that had escaped the dust catcher on the sander and then using furniture cleaner. When I got to the buffet, I discovered I couldn't get the top clean and removed some water marks and something black on the top, so I decided to sand it down too. It will match the table better anyway and so I started and actually got the finish sanding done by this afternoon. Of course it was a much smaller surface, but I really feel good about it all. I will start again with the cleaning and polishing tomorrow!! I am getting excited too.

Rhonda is coming with my winter hay, and I may not get as much done as I would, but I am anxious to get the hay in!!


August 1, 2014

Time sure flies! At least we had some rain, and it has cooled down just a tad, hehehe, I don't think its here to stay. Yesterday Linda Nightingale came and we worked with the CSM (circular sock machine). I begin to think I had forgotten everything about them, so we got out my tapes and watched them for a while. By the time she left we had the needles in and they worked when we cranked it around. Next time we she gets to come she will learn to do the set up basket. I am so thankful for Roxanna Baechie's tapes. Her Part One: Starting at Square One and her Part Two: Sock Machine Knitting are just super for beginners.

I am of course still working on the dining table, but I have gotten about half way with the first sanding. The wood is so beautiful, and I am excited.

I know I am going to be a while at the table!!


July 30, 2014

Its cooled some, but not enough to be outside working in the yard, so I have started a new project; refinishing the dining table. Its something that we had wanted to do a long time, but I am just now getting to it.

Its probably going to take me a good while, but it will look nice, I hope!!!

I also have been working on the painting, and did the walkways and flowers along side the front of the house today.


July 26, 2014

I have been doing a lot of spinning lately, mostly because its been so hot and humid outside. I did clean out the hay shed getting it ready for fall hay, and of course the usual mowing of the yard, and bush hogged the east pasture. Still, spinning is what I have done more than any thing else lately.

I did harvest the grapes, and picked some honey figs. The tomatoes are still producing and the cucumbers, but just enough for me to eat.

Of course the birds and chickens help me. I did take the two floral arrangements that I had saved, broke them down and made a new arrangement in one of Dempsy Perkins split oak baskets. It came out so beautiful too.

I did some more on the painting, putting in the firewood, hay and details in the Dog Trot.

I started a beautiful mauve color on the spinner and I have about a pound of it to do.


July 17, 2014

I have been spinning and working on the painting off and on, its just too hot and humid to do much outside. The painting is going slow as I am not really into a late summer painting, but I am doing some on it.

I worked on the poultry, and did some sketching in the dog trot of the house.

The pullets are growing so fast, and they are so funny! Pearl stays with Lucy and they are both laying right now. I am so eager for the Wellsummer's to start laying, which should be soon.

I spent a good bit of time with the ewes this morning, it was cool and so nice as I followed them around. They love the Tallow tree leaves and they do some funny things to reach them. I got a number of pictures of them, and since I haven't posted any of them in a while I thought they would be enjoyed.

they are really spoiled, and I enjoy them so very much.

Lloyd's Koi fish are so beautiful, and there are so many of them,

The summer heat has really worked on the flowers, and I need to clip some of them back. Maybe it will stay cool, but it seems to shower nearly every day, I will still try to get some of it done. I wish the mosquitoes were not so bad either.


June 27, 2014

Its been a while since I posted here. I took a terrible sinus infection after Retreat and felt so bad for a good while, and I am still having trouble with my left ear stopping up. I am getting better, but we have had so much well needed rain that working outside has been a problem. I can't mow because its so wet, and spraying is out of the question so its frustrating to try to keep up there. I am painting again, and I seem to be getting into that. I did get the Elephant birdbath painted and it looks very nice!

I did some spraying, but not too much because we have had so many showers. I have begin to work on the root cellar on the painting, and its slow work!

I still have work to do in the kitchen area, but not right now.

I got 3 little 2 month old Welsummer pullets and they are growing like weeds. They are so pretty and very active, cute to watch for sure!

Pearl is laying now, and she is nearly as big as Lucy!

Of course Lucy has decided she is going to sit, and I have tried and tried to get her to change her mind, but she is stubborn.

Sally will run her off the nest to lay, and Pearl just sits on top of her and lays that way. Its really funny.

Did get more done on the root celler and the kitchen today. Its so wet outside--nothing doing out in the yard for sure!

tomorrow is another day, supposed to be wet too!


May 31, 2014

slow start today, just to much fun yesterday! hehehehe, loved it, but today I got started on the bed around that stump and got it planted. It looks so nice, and I feel it will grow with time to really be beautiful. I did plant the Mandalla in a seperate pot with a really pretty iron trealis that I like very much.


May 30, 2014

Today Linda and I went to Retreat, and we had so much fun. I took some pictures and thought you would all like to see them:

We plan to attend next year for sure, it was wonderful!!

Kaleb came over yesterday to bring some flowers to me as the Country Gardens Nursery are having their summer sale and I wanted to have some new flowers for the new bed beside the Stock Tank planter. While he was here he decided we needed to move the Elephant bird Bath, so now its moved!

I think its just so beautiful. I will need to decide about the paint for it and clean it up yet, but I am so tickled to see it moved!


May 12, 2014

Looks like rain today, I hope so because we really need it. I a still working on the patio. So much to do there. I did finish the walkway, and I think it looks very nice, it certainly is nice to use!

i am still working on the waterfall. Since it doesn't have that fig vine all over it, and what a mess that was I am trying to get sempervivium, Irish moss and portalaca to grow on it. I means I have to make little cups like to hold the plants in place until they can run their roots down into the rocks.

It looks messy but with time it will hopefully look like I want it to look. Seems to take forever for something to be where you want it to be and look like you want it to look.


May 7, 2014

It seems that before and after pictures really bring out the contrast for one to see. After I worked all morning on the Holly Grape and Blaze Rose the pictures showed how much I had accomplished! It did make it all seem worth it.



Now I have those 2 pools on the south side of the Patio to clean and get the netting off. I know that's going to be a job, the fig vine is so intangled and its so tough. I have to cut a lot of it out, just can't pull it up. Crazy what 2 years will do to a place.


May 6, 2014

I keep plugging away at the patio. So much to do and I can only go so long until I have to stop for a while. This morning I did get the walkway finished leading up by the first pool where the bio-filter was.

I watered the roses and daylilies, then cleaned a bit more on the stones of the patio.

The white camellia by the north pool had grown so out of control that it really looked tacky, so then I tackled it. These are before (left) and after (right), looks so much better and more like it belongs!

I probably need to do that Holly Grape and Blaze Rose by the well head next and I still need to get the nets off the 2 southern pools. That will be a job!

I painted the galvanized stock tank that I put by the drive a dark brown and I think it looks really nice. Sure changed its looks a lot. I haven't decided what to do around it yet, but it will most likely stay this way for a while.

All the pot flowers are doing so well, blooming in such beautiful flowers!


May 5, 2014

Its already May! Seems like time goes so fast. I have been working in the Patio, trying to get it cleaned up from this very hard winter we had, made a mess of things. I got the biofilter out and put it up front planting it with veggies and such, along with the tub that was right in front of it. Kaleb came and helped me get the one in the ground out--what a job that was, but I want to put a walk way there and it needed to be removed. I am not sure if I am going to leave the pools or not, but I think I am going to fill them in and use them as raised flower beds. It will be much easier for me to tend and keep up. The patio really needs work and I am working on it a little every day, which is begining to show now. Still a long way to go.

When I moved the biofilters to use as planters I discovered a wonderful world of raised bed gardening, along with the planters and the raised bed next to the deck. They are really quite cool, weeding if you have any is so much easier, and much nicer to reach, harvesting is a breeze and watering a pleasure. I have really found them to be so very pleasant to have!!

SO---when I was googling on the internet I happened to put in metal stock tanks for raised bed planting and came up with a page that opened a wide world of "oh, so neat"! I have an old galvanized water tank that we aquired long time ago that has been just sitting against the garden fence. I went and got it and set it up

I am going to paint it like I saw on the google images, either a terra cotta color or a brownish terra cotta to match my clay pots. I have some beautiful Mexican terra cotta planters I can put in front of it and I think it will be beautiful. I am slow, but its so much fun to watch things come together and it will help hide that big stump from the oak tree Rita destroyed!


April 27, 2014

This year I have enjoyed my gardening more than I ever have. It keeps my mind occupied and everything is so pretty. The 2 little pullets I kept, one Buff Orpington and one Red Sex Link are now on the floor with the hens. They seem to really enjoy it and they get up on the roost with the others without a problem.

Since that yellow Tom left, the cats are now acting normal, and they don't hide all the time. Blue likes to sleep on the cage above the swing,

I have a Countyline sprayer from Tractor Supply that I have found to be the best thing ever for me. It has a rechargeable battery, large wheels, demand pump and 9 foot coil hose, just perfect!! I have one for Herbicides (contact spray) and one for Insecticides (fruit trees and such).

The flowers and vegitables are really growing and blooming, just fantastic, and I have been picking greens and onion tops all along. Now I see it won't be long until I have squash, cucumbers and peppers along with tomatoes and beans. I have already had some green tomatoes, they were sooooo good!

I also got Kaleb to bring the little tables from the deck upstairs and now I need to paint the big one, but its a chore for another day!


April 11, 2014

Today Danny got here about 3:30 pm and we got the shearing done. I think all 5 girls feels so much better too!

The flowers are doing so well too, and I keep working in the yard as much as possible,

Of course the little chicks are not little anymore, in fact they are nice pullets. The White Cornish is outgrowing all of them!

I am wore out too!


March 28, 2014

Spring fever has got a hold on me and I just can't seem to stay out of the yard, mowing, digging, planting and moving things. I have worked around the drive by the house a lot--cleaning up and putting flowers along it. Its really looking nice now. I did my herbisite spraying and was sore for a couple days, even though I had one of those wonderful little sprayers on wheels from tractor supply that has a pump that runs on a rechargable battery! At least I got that done while the sun was out all day and so very nice.

I moved the strawberrys and the little cart over to the drive where I removed the Nandina hedge setting that up as a compliment to the south side of the drive. I think it looks really nice too!

and the south side to compliment it:

also along the drive fence on the south side:

I moved 2 of the biofilters and set them up near the front greenhouse for tomatoes, peppers and such. They are really doing well too.

I have been working in the patio, its a job! The Almond is in such a bloom state its stunning. I have been working where the biofilter was cleaning it out and trying to fix it up for a walkway across that area. It looks so much nicer, but its a long ways from finished and so much work. I can only do a little at a time, but I work on it often.

I was a little concerned that it was too early for the veggies in the bed by the deck, but they are doing so well, squash, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and lots of onions!

All the flowers are striking, and so pleasing. I have enjoyed them so much. The Snapdragons are getting ready to bloom and I think they will be so very pretty with the violas, pansies, marigolds and all those bulbs I planted in among them!


March 17, 2014

I believe this is the craziest weather I have ever seen here in Louisiana. Cold front after cold front, snow, ice, rain, sunshine and warm. It does seem to be warming up, and it makes me want to go out and work in the yard so much. That last ice storm put a lot of big limbs down, and that will be some job for me to try to clean up, especially without Lloyd to run the chain saw.

The big pine tree on the NE side of the barn dropped a number of limbs, and they were big. This one is in the front yard against the fence. Most of the pine trees seemed to not take the cold well at all.

Then the ice was really a blessing too in that it covered the blooming things with the rain in a coating of ice that seemed to protect the blooms. So, I find it hasn't seemed to hurt things. The Magnolias are still beautiful,

The pansies and violas just keep blooming away!

The plants in the bed by the deck are still doing very well, not hurt by any of the cool weather and I have begin to plant peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, squash and cucumbers!

I started a new bed by the incoming lane, planting daylilies, lilies, cover plants and edging it with ajuga. I think its going to be really pretty. I have sprayed along the backside near the fence trying to kill

Even the pot flowers on the deck are beautiful!


February 17, 2014-February 27, 2014

The weather has been so beautiful, and I have spring fever so bad I just want to dig in the dirt and work out in the yard! I removed that hedge row of Nandinas, covered up that cypress root I fell over and it looks so much nicer!

The pot garden is full of greens now and they really look nice. I am so happy with the way they have been doing with this crazy weather we have had--it even froze last night. Of course I brought the Aloe pot in along with the Daizies and Calla Lillie.

I have been letting Lucy sit on 4 ceramic eggs for about a week now, and the baby chicks came in. I brought 6 little pullets home and put them under Lucy in the brooder (of course I took the false eggs away). Talk about a happy hen, she is just as pleased as possible. She loves her little adopted chicks and its so cool to watch her. I could watch and watch. They are so very cute, especially when they peek out from all those fluffy feathers!

Of course Sally is not too happy about it all, but she shouldn't have flogged me when I tried to let her sit.


February 16, 2014

I was stiff and sore today, so I mostly just grazed the sheep, piddled in the flower bed a bit and painted. I got some done on the house, its looking nicer, and a bit more livable,

I hope I feel better tomorrow.


February 15, 2014

It was so beautiful today!! Warm, sunny and it just made my spring fever so much worse! hahahaha, I am very tired of winter--but it serves it purpose and I think this spring is going to be so impressive with blooms and new growth. I think its been the hardest on the citrus orchard.

They have been hit so hard, but the trunks are still green, and most of the limbs. Only spring will tell the true damage. They have been mulched very well, and I even mulched midway through the winter since its been so wet and cold. The oldest Satsuma didn't seem to even care and its just as green and beautiful as ever. Nearly all the leaves are gone.

I did get out to the old garden and work the grape trellis. It had been taking care of itself since Lloyd died, so it needed some tender loving care, hehehe. I cut it back, cleaned out all the jenny creeper vines, and other mess, then mulched it heavily. It looks so much better, and made me feel really good. Helped my spring fever some, but I need a lot more digging in the dirt.

I trimmed inner growth from the young fruit trees near the grape arbor, but by then it was time to quit. I think the pansies, and violas have survived the best through all this winter. They wilt down with the ice and snow, but pop right back up as soon as the sun comes out. Amazing to me.

Kaleb tells me that the snaps will really put on blooms as soon as it warms up some more and be really impressive. I am eager to see that. I had planned on painting, but the day was so beautiful I wanted to stay outside. I think I probably over did it some, but it felt so good.


February 4-7, 2014

I don't think I can ever remember a winter so difficult since Lloyd brought me here in 1967. We might have a winter storm that brought the temperatures down to freezing or a little colder, but it never stayed over a few days, and always warmed up. Two storm at the most, but this year it has been one right behind the other. I don't mind saying I really really do not like cold weather. Don't mind a few days, but a winter full of it--YUCK! I really feel sorry for those that have had to endure one storm after another. At least we haven't lost our electric, water or such. The roads were closed a couple days during the worst storm, but it was over a weekend, and not too hard. In the city it was worse, but out here in the rual areas it was better.

I have been working on the new painting, keeping the fire going, and tending the sheep. Since I don't have to go out of the house to take care of the cats, or the two hens and duck (they are in the attached greenhouse) I have done ok.

So, all I have to show is the painting, cleaning house, washing clothes and such we all know about!!! Charlene and Lenette did come and spend the day with me which was fantastic.

The painting is taking shape and looks fair now. Lots yet to do to it.

We have a new friend here too, a beautiful blue grey female cat. She has the most beautiful eye, and is so sweet and friendly. Of course Peggy tried to bully her right off, but that went nowhere, she knows how to take care of herself! I call her Blue, wish I knew her real name

You can see how Peggy feels about it all!

During the last hard freeze when it began to thaw, that old galvanized pipe at the well gave away and had to be capped off close to the house. I don't know what I would have done if Lloyd had not had the dies to thread the pipe and Mark Nightingale to help me. Everything anymore seems to be PVC, and I wish this had been, but its been there since the 1950's so I am thankful the pipe was still good close to the house.

The Camilias have tried to bloom several times, and got their blooms froze, but they just put more buds on and right now 2 are blooming really heavy. They are so beautiful, I hope they are able to stick it out

The bed by the deck has been hit so may times I thought it would be just gone by now, but the pansys, violas, snaps, diathus and all the rest just keep coming out. I do think the Romane lettuice is just about done.

If Florida has been hit as hard as our Citrus, they are in trouble! I have mulched these here twice and the stems are still green, but the leaves are gone! I think the lime and lemon took it the hardest, but I hope they come back out as the stems are still green as I said.

The Asparagus bed seems to be doing very well, and I did mulch it so I am hoping for a good crop this year.

The sheep look so good, and their fleeces are thick and soft, very nice!

I have enjoyed them so very much, and they are more spoiled than ever!


January, 22-24, 2014

Its been a while since I posted, but I took that flu and it was bad. I haven't had anything like that in a long, long time. Still, I kept going, doing chores and house work, and not much else. I am feeling lots better and started working in the bed by the deck, started a new painting, and got a ceiling fan installed. I have to confess, that Gunter had to come and help me get it hung on the bracket, I was just not strong enough to hold it up, get it on the brackets and twist it but I did try!

The new painting just sit there for a while. I felt really icky so I just would look at it and then leave. Finally I got the base on it, the gesso, and then it sat for several more days before I got the sky in. I did some sketching, but I still was stuck and didn't feel like doing much with it. I finally got the background and foreground started, sketched in the tree and house.

I have begun working on the tree, but then along came this snow/ice mess. I am so eager for it to warm up. I sure hope the citrus trees make it through this. Everything has such heavy buds that it would be so sad to loose all the spring flowers.

I hope everyone is safe through all of this. I retrieved the rain gauge and it was so icy going down the ramp from the deck. Its still sleeting and its mid-morning.


December 18, 2013

Looks like the painting for Vi and Mark is now finished except for the signing and Varnish!


December 17, 2013

It was a beautiful day today, I would have loved to work in the yard, but worked on the painting instead since I want to have it finished before Christmas.

So I am getting closer and closer to finished. Still some detail work to do, but it really looks better and better!


December 15, 2013

Since I fell again (didn't break anything, but badly bruised) I have stayed close to the house. I am recovering, but can't sit in one position very long, so I paint, then rest, and do chores, then paint. I have come a good ways on the painting.

by Dec 10, I had a good bit started, but got painter's block bad!

So, I stared a lot, and and thought about it a lot. finally it broke and I got going. By the 12th, I was beginning to feel like it might be ok,

Each day gets me further along, but I haven't even began to paint any birds other than the geese.

The weather is so nuts you don't know if its going to be warm or cold, or sunny or raining. But its lots better than what they are getting up north!

I did go back and work on the turkeys!


December 4, 2013

Amber's little girl got here about 6 pm last night. A 7 pound 20 inch little beauty. Wow, so excited, was a little worried there for a while, but blessings and joy!

I worked on the painting nearly all day, but it looks like its finished now. I think its very nice too.

First I did the details on the Dog Trot and the kitchen

Then the birds

Its signed, and only needs varnishing now. I can start thinking about the next one, hehehehe!

I think it looks good, busy and something that would have to be studied for a while!


December 3, 2013

We are waiting for Amber's little girl right now, she is in labor, so I have been painting all day!!! So excited.

I started out early and quit about chore time, which is around 4 pm.

I also got the dog trot in!


December 2, 2013

Another day at the painting. Its starting to really form up now. Still lots of work to do, but I like how its coming along!


December 1, 2013

I worked in the greenhouse, and the front bed by the deck, but mostly I worked on the painting.


November 29, 2013

I spent the majority of the day painting again. I am beginning to be excited about the painting now. Its starting to get into the detail now,


November 28, 2013

Today I painted most of the day,

Still a lot to do, but it will be tomorrow before I do some more. Violet and Mark came and visited in the afternoon, and I enjoyed them so very much.


November 27, 2013

Its a beautiful sunny day today, but cold so I have spent most of the day painting. Its looking up and I am hoping its going to be as nice as I think it will be

the buildings are beginning to take shape, but there is a lot of work yet!


November 26, 2013

I have been slow lately since I fell again, but thankfully have not broken anything, just very bruised. I have started another painting and am slowly progressing on it

Still working on background, and I have a feeling its going to take a while yet.

I also started measuring a warp for tablerunners for Christmas. Its a black warp (which I hate) but its what is requested by someone very important to me, so I will work on it. I will have to be very careful in the threading as the last black warp seemed to just want to make things miserable since its so hard to see!

I love fall, and I love the colors of the plants, trees and the blooming of the camilias and fall plants. The yard is gorgeous this year, and I love it!

Its been cold, and raining with this winter storm. The freeze got my peppers and eggplant, although I did bring one eggplant inside and hope it will do ok. Its always iffy when you move them and put them under grow lights. Still, I had to try. The Romaine lettiuce, Swiss Chard and Kale look really well. The Broccoli and Cabbage seem to call to some bug of somekind and it is making little holes in the leaves. I hate to use insecticide, so I just grit my teeth and go on. The pansies, Snap Draggons and the one gerber daisy that Kelli brought me are doing very well. I am using the green tops of the multiplier onions and the garlic chives along with the lettiuce and Swiss Chard as well as some Kale as its still small. Very nice!!


November 5, 2013

Yesterday Charlene came for the day to finish weaving her scarf off the Artistat at the Studio. I worked at getting the Baby blanket off the loom here at the house.

Of course it didn't take Charlene long to finish and she came over to the house and we got the blanket laid out on the table and begin doing the fringes. As normal Charlene jumped in there and went to work!!!!

She got all of one end done, and then it was time for her to go back to Ville Platte. I hated to see her go but she has to work tomorrow as she is a Park Ranger too.

After she was gone I started on the other end of the blanket, and hope to finish it today so I can full it, wash it and get it dry, ready for the baby shower on the 9th.

Its all finished now, fringes are finished, label in and its been washed! The blanket is 60" X 33".


October 29 to November 2nd, 2013

Because Amber's baby shower is on the 9th of November I have been staying close to the loom trying to get a baby/crib blanket woven for her shower. On the 28h of October I measured off the warp then started getting it on the loom.

Then tied on the front and back beams

On the 29th, I started weaving Valley Forge Dogwood, but found I did not like the overshot version, so took it out and started over adapting it for rosepath version, and I liked that

I am nearly finished now and will do the hem next and get it off the loom for fulling. I think its going to be very beautiful.


October 28, 2013

I finished Violet's table runner, and she has it on her table now. It turned out very nice, if shorter than I had planned.

I started on Amber's baby blanket and got the warp measured, and through the reed after church yesterday.

today I hope to be threaded through the heddles and if I can get it on the back beam and tied to the front beam. It will just depend on what else happens and how fast I can go. There are 340 threads so it will take a while. I am warping at 6 epi, but the thread is really nice and fluffy, perfect for a baby going into the winter!

By the end of the day I had the heddles threaded and the warp threads attached to the lash cords. Tomorrow I will wind it on the back beam and tie onto the front beam so I can hopefully be weaving.


October 25, 2013

day before yesterday I had gotten the pansey's and snap dragons planted, but needed to straighten some up after watering, so I did that after chores and the beds are really looking nice!

I am very pleased with the bed, and am already snipping chives and green onion tops. The peppers are doing nice and I am using them. The tomatoes are loaded, but it may get too cold for them soon.

I got started weaving when Charlene was here, but I got so busy I didn't get much done, but its looking nice.

Yesterday itself was very full, and I was tired by bedtime. I begin by weaving on the table runner, then about noon the Chimney Sweep came and cleaned both flues and the stoves. His name is Mike Dugas and owns Chimney Care out of Lake Charles. He was extremely nice and very professional. Lloyd always did our flues so I was prepared for his way, but Mike really cleaned the flues and then the stoves themselves so completley and then cleaned up after himself, using a cover over the floors and removing all the ashes too. I was really impressed, and asked to be put on his list for yearly cleaning. Gunter and Kathy Becklund were responsible for him coming, and I was so thankful!

After MIke left I went back to weaving, and got a good ways into the piece. I think I should finish today if nothing happens! hehe,


October 22, 2013

Charlene just left heading back home after a two day visit. I hated to see her leave, it was so nice having her here and I enjoyed it to no end. While she was here she picked a design for her Joy double treadle and I painted it for her. I must say it was very impressive when it was finished.

A true Acadian swamp scene!

I had started warping the loom with Violet's table runner, and found that I had some real bumps with that black warp. I was so glad Charlene was here to help me straighten it out! hehehe, It would have been something else without her here. Its the first warp I have done since Lloyd passed and it was a strain for me. But with her help, I am going at it again!! Thanks Charlene I was really needing the help!


October 14, 2013

today was off and on cloudy, but I still had to head off to town to get a sheet of acrylic sheeting for the treadle cover, but I was home about noon and got to work putting in the Booted Racket long tailed Hummigbirds and the verse at the foot of the treadle. All it needs now is the polyeuratane and the wheel!

It came out really lovely, and now I think I need to get to the loom.


October 13, 2013

Today was a hard day for me. It started out cloudy after raining off and on all night, and I didn't sleep either. So I painted most of the day on the treadle just trying to cope,

Its beginning to look nice, I did a lot of detail today,


October 12, 2013

I finally finished the Nightingale painting, and its turned out really nice.

I did start Kelli Miller's Elizabeth II treadle this morning, and I think its going to be very nice too.

I need to get going on the loom really bad too, time is running out on me!


October 6, 2013

wow! Its so cool this morning, but the mosquitoes are still out there, hehehe. It was so humid yesterday that if you even poked your head out you were bombarded with the little nasty things, and where they bit you burned for a long time. They are telling us that we should stay in the upper 70's and low 80's for the week----I hope they are right. I am tired of hot, humid, mosquitoes all the time. I don't mind the rain, I love the soft rains. Everything is so clean and the grass grows so fast. I did notice that all the Camilias were just loaded with buds for blooms. Should be a beautiful sight when they begin to bloom.

I worked on the painting all day yesterday except for the times when Kaleb came, and then Gunter and Kathy. I always enjoy them so much! I got a good bit done on the painting, and I am well pleased with how its coming now.

I still have to work on the water, and the roads in the upper part of the painting, and haven't even begun to think about the lower part of the picture, but it does seem to be taking shape. I hope to get the thrasher in the wheat fields next, and work on the oil pumpers along with the windmill.

The Spider Lilies are still blooming, the cream ones are finished, but the red are everywhere, so beautiful. The yellow are just starting, and they are so vivid! I moved them up front in the bed by the deck because they were coming up between the bricks of the patio. I think they will really do well now and multiply too.

I finished the day out on the painting, still lots to do, but its beginning to take shape!


October 4, 2013

I had gotten to this point with the painting I am now working on, the 4th try:

I was painting from Google maps since there are no pictures of the farm. It didn't help Galen's memory at all and all of us were not happy with it, so I put gesso back on the painting, and did my sketching from Galen's cartoon--the heck with areial Satelite pictures!!!

so now I am working on the 5th try, hehehehe, but I am certainly much happier,

there is a long way to go, but I feel that at last I am going in the right direction. I am also working on warping the loom up with Violet's table runner, and have gotten the Avanti Creamcicle in now. The yarn colors are beautiful!

So thread at a time I am working between painting,

My little bed beside the deck is looking so nice with all this wonderful soaking rain, and lessening of the scorching temps, although they are bad. Not nearly as bad as those nasty little mosquitoes that have you for a meal the minute you pop out of the house!! I guess this storm Karen will push more of them up from the Gulf. Maybe the colder weather they are promising will come and drive them away!!!


September 28, 2013

Seems like this month has flew by. Its cooled off a good bit and we have had some nice rains, but by noon its hot and humid again. The nights are very nice. I have been working on the new vegetable/flower bed by the deck and its looking better and better. The Kale is sprouting and everything looks so pert. I have some to do yet, and want to put some pansys in when they come in. I love pansys, they make beautiful faces, so cute.

The red Spider Lilies are really starting to bloom, a sure sign of fall!

Of course I am still working on the design of the painting I am doing for Nightingales. Its the old dairy farm place in Oklahoma and mostly the pictures I have are from Google Maps and from the air. Galen has helped as best he could from memories he has of growing up. I hope I can do justice too it, but its challenging, to say the least!

Its early, so maybe I can get some done on the painting as I have already worked some in the new bed. I know its going to warm up and become humid.


September 25, 2013

I went off into town today, not willingly, but I needed to finish the new bed by the deck and needed to pick up some potting soil, and some winter greens and seed.

I did work on the painting last evening after I had rested and cooled off.

I think its a good start, and that I am going to enjoy this one very much. I got the beding plants in and the seed, so I think the winter bed is looking so nice. Time will tell how well it does too!


September 24, 2013

We had several days of cool rain, temps in the 80's during the day, warming up to nearly 90, and in the 60's during the night. So very nice for working outside. I had wanted to get that bed in by the front deck so I could get the pot plants off the deck, and have a place nice enough for a winter bed by the house. I got started early, first leveling the soil where I wanted to put the cinder blocks.

Took me most of the day, but it looks so nice!

I still need to get some more potting soil for the bed, and I also want to get some young plants like broccoli, swiss chard and such. I was really pooped, and it felt like it had went up in temperature. I had to stop and take a break every so often, and cool off, but I got it done. Its very nice!

I have also started the new painting for Nightingales, the old family farm. Its a little hard since the pictures of the old place are all but gone, and its located in Oklahoma. I was able to get up on the internet and get ariel photos of the farm as it is now, and Galen drew a cartoon of the farm showing what is new and where things are located. I hope I can do it justice. I have also started Violet's table runner. Still looking for the Silk City Avanti yarn "Creamcicle".

I have been saying fall was here because the yellow spider lilies were blooming, and now the red are starting. They are so very delicute and beautiful.


September, 19, 2013

FINALLY, I finished the huck weave on the Nilus monday evening, and took it off the loom tuesday morning.

Its very pretty, and it most likely would make a much more desirable light blanket than towels!

I started monday morning weaving and taking frequent breaks was able to get it done,

so--then I began removing the castle on the Nilus, tying down the skirts on the beams and preparing the loom to be moved when they came Tuesday afternoon to do this for me.

The little one was not the job of the big loom, but hard enough for anyone to move. About 5:30 pm Troy Rogers and his wife Terry got here, and soon after Chuck Mielshimer came. Then it began! I had already removed the castle, front and rear breast beams and the harnesses in preparation.

After they got here Troy and Chuck removed the front part of the loom (its 4 very long bolts top and bottom) so that the beater and treadles were separated from the loom. Then over to the house it came where they put the front back on the loom for me. I was so excited I could not sleep monday or tuesday night!!! Wow, so very fantastic.

Wednesday morning I began cleaning up the loom, wiping it down and oiling, getting it ready to put the beams, harnesses and castle back on it. A year can really dirty up an unused loom.

after cleaning it really well, and wiping it down with Murphy's oil, oiling the treadle privit points and moving it into postion, I began putting the harnesses in.

Next came the beams and the Castle, Wow, ready to weave!

I checked to make sure I had plenty of room to drop the back beam into weaving position, and it was great!

Now I just need to get it warped for the table runner I promised Violet over a year ago, before all the hard stuff happened!


September 12, 2013

Today I actually began weaving again. I can weave about 30 minutes before I have to quit, but its a start. I am trying to weave the towels off the Nilus, and I think its a good beginning.

I also started a new painting. Its an Oklahoma sky, and painting, so its a new territory for me!


September 7, 2013

Since Rhonda loves birds, I added some to the painting. A pair of Pileated woodeckers at their nest with a begging fledgling, goose with goslings, cowbirds with the sheep, peacocks, a blue heron in flight, a pair of Great Egrets embracing and on top of the Produce Stand I added a pair of Blue Jays with a nearly grown fledgling. I think I am done now, and just have to varnish the painting.


Sept 6, 2013

August was really hard for me, but now its September and fall seems to be right on us. I started a new painting,

Its a farm scene, and I think its going to be nice. Lots of detail and I need that. The ewes are doing very well, even if its so dry. Still we are beginning to get afternoon and evening showers and sometime at night.

I was going to the Studio after doing chores and came across this red snapper turtle. It was so beautiful that I had to take picture for my grandson Talon. Every time I set it down, it took off running, and when I picked it up, it never drew back into its shell, instead wanting to bite me! So funny and it was so neat.

Its been so hot and humid I have spent most of my time inside working on the painting,

Then after I got the sheep in I decided that the sheep needed lambs with them, so I added that.

I keep seeing things that I want changed and so I do it. I did get the produce stand in, the weaving spinning building and I like the way that looks.

I found I did not like the iris either, so I took them out.

I am getting very close to finishing the painting, but it just makes it more interesting and fun.

I want to start a bed near the front deck that I can do winter greens in, just wish it would cool off.


August 22, 2013

We have had some rain, and that has helped, and are so thankful for it. Its really humid, but is a bit cooler than it has been. Rhonda gave me a beautiful 2 year old Buff Orpington hen, and I brought her home and put her in with Sally and Matilda. Its was funny for a while, but they are roosting together now and all three seem to be good friends, although they each have their own nest to lay in--and do not share! hehehe

She is a very pretty hen and gentle too. Matilda, the duck is blind, but Sally and Lucy seem to take care of her except when she is in the water and they leave to the other end of the greenhouse. I don't think they enjoy her splashing,

The ewes are doing good and settling in so well. They are happy to be home and Tony rules the bunch, so funny. They will go in the feed room, but of course there is nothing in there they can reach or get into so they want back into the barn or where I feed them in the matenity shed thinking they can get me to give them more feed. Of course I am not!

I move them from lot to lot depending on how the grass is in that lot, and keep count of the days they can stay in each so I know how many days it is between grazing each.

Lynn Vincent, my very dear friend that lives down the dead end of the road we live on knits beautifully and when Kathy Beckland ended in the hospital we worried about her. She was very cold after surgery so I gave her the aqua green/purple throw I had knitted and Lynn started her a sweater. I had spun the yarn, both yarn fibers were from the flock here, so we felt it was special for her to have. When Lynn brought it to give to Kathy, it near took my breath away it was so beautiful!

Kathy was excited to have it!!

I have started a new painting, but have only been working on the design. It takes a while to do the design, and get everything ready for the painting.


August 16, 2013

I started a new painting right after I finished the one with the sheep and have really been having fun with it. My sister told me it was wild when I first got the sky in,

I had to reluctantly agree with her, but I told her she had never seen a sunrise on the bayou--not sure if she believed me but she said it looked better when I got the trees in.

as I got further along she decided it was looking better! hehe

So I think I am finished today!


August 8, 2013

I have been really busy, trying to get the den set up for my fiber/crafts room. I have everything moved around except for the 36" Nilus 4-H, and I have to get the towels off of it before I can move it over to the Studio and bring the 12-H Nilart 45" over here. Should be sooooo much fun (haha).

I have finally finished the picture with the sheep on it,


July 26, 2013

Jacque and Shirly Spearow stopped by on their way home from his school reunion in Michigan and we had a wonderful time visiting and remembering times past. Such treasured friends, and I already miss them. After they left I went out and followed the sheep around until I felt better, and took pictures of them,

the first picture is Tony and Alyssa and the second is Aponi and Theresa. Then I was able to get single shots of each of them,

They are beginning to fill out and look really good after having lambs on them and making the long trip from Texas. Such beautiful ewes and so spoiled, I just love it!!

Started a new painting, and I think I am really going to have fun with this one!


July 20, 21, 2013

looks like I am not through with the painting yet! hehehe. Got a raccoon and turtle in, and a pair of rabbits along with some more birds, but still not sure if I am finished or not. Its a beautiful painting.

I had caught a big swamp moccassin snake trying to get into the fish pools, and it really upset me, so I got new nets on the pools.

took a while, but its done now. There was a big croaker that hadn't made it under the net, so I caught it and put it in under the nets, it was so happy!! I love to hear them. The arbor is cleaning up now, and soon I can start raking and cleaning up the debris. It will look nice then.

the figs are nice, just the honey figs ripining now, but the celeste and brown turkey are starting

and the citrus is impressive too, of course the sheep keep the leaves trimed that they can reach.

I had to go play with the sheep too. So I got my camera and took pictures. They are filling out nicely,

They sure do clean up the weeds and bushes!

The plants on the deck are beautiful, but they are not producing like I had hoped. I think its just too hot, but the flowers are so pretty!


July 19, 2013

Gunter wanted horned owls in his painting, and I agreed, so I put a pair in the painting, looks nice too. I have tried to keep really busy today, so the painting helped!


July 17, 2013

Its been really hot and the most I have done is mow and do chores besides working in the house. Today I painted most of the day and only went to the barn to check on the ewes off and on. I sure wish it would rain. Still I am just about finished with the painting for Gunter.


July 8, 2013

Its very dry right now, we really need some rain. We got a little shower last night, but no where near what we need/ Any way, I put the sprinkler on in the maternity catch, where I am night catching the ewes.

Since I was out with the ewes, and enjoying them so much, I got my camera and took some pictures,

I think you can see why I call them my "clean-up crew". They love the weeds and mulberry leaves as much as the heads on the Bahia grass and the Bermuda grass. They are live mowing machines!! So beautiful, and intelligent. I enjoy them so much, and its really exciting to see them fill out after having babies with them until they came home. They have gotten right back in their routines, just like they have been home all along. Its amazing how smart they are!


July 2, 2013

Missy and Justin got here on Sunday late and we visited until late, so nice to have them here. Justin found out what was wrong with the toilet in the main bathroom, there was a crack on the tank and that is where the water was coming from. I was so happy he found it, I had looked and looked and tried just about all I knew. So Monday morning we did chores and got breakfast, then off to town!!

In town we got a new 17" high complete toilet and some boards to fix the ceiling in the carding room of the Studio where the squirrels had messed up coming through the summer kitchen ridge vent. Something I had tried to fix, but just wasn't strong enough to hold the boards up and use the power drill at the same time.

As soon as we got home Justin started on the toilet,

Rhonda came over in the afternoon and gave Missy a lesson on the Silk City yarns, which both of us enjoyed so much!

Of course I had to show Justin Cush-Cush's eggs (I give her ceramic eggs to play with).

I think Justin was bored with our women talk so while we fixed dinner, he went out and trimmed the hedge after Rhonda went home. I was glad too as I was dreading doing it!!

Today we are going to try to finish the ceiling in the Studio, fix the gate, have an overshot lesson and whatever else we can get into!

We did get the ceiling finished, and Missy's Mira loom loaded in the Suburban. Justin did get the gate fixed too!

Missy and Justin head home tomorrow, I will miss them too.


June 28, 2013

I started out the day with chores, and petting the sheep. So cool, they are trying to make a dent in the grass and mulberry leaves, but it doesn't seem like it.

Then I worked on the painting that is on the easel for a while

Then I went back out and followed the sheep around just enjoying them so much

I finished the day by working on the painting some more putting the buck in.


June 26, 2013

A picture says it all!!!

Mary Lynn Jackson and Stannie Luker came and spent the afternoon with me. I enjoyed it beyond words, especially after the visit yesterday with Kelli Miller and her three very nice friends. Of course Terri Nicolau got here after lunch with my 5 ewes, and oh what joy that was. I was amazed at how well they remembered me and followed me across the yard to the barn, coming up to me and wanting me to love them. It made my day and I will always treasure how they seemed to be so happy to see me.

We started by getting them out of the trailer

Then off to the barn!

what joy it is to have them home, and to be able to share it with my friends and family! So many blessings today.


June 22, 2013

I have been having trouble with a stray tom cat, and so I set the live trap to catch him. This morning when I went out to check it I found this!

HA! imagine my surprise, another raccoon! So I took it off to the lease and was glad to be done once more. I reset the trap, no telling what will be in there next.

I got started mowing and mowed all over the yard. Since the ewes are coming tuesday I didn't mow secure yards, but did get the tractor out and push down a dead tree and a small stump out of the ground. That allowed me to start cleaning up the area behind the circle drive camelias. There is a dead pine tree limb I have to get out but its in among the camelias and it will take some help. Surely looks nice too.

Of course I was hot, tired and very wet and dirty so I took a shower. It must have sounded like fun because as I got out of the shower, hehe, Clyde was taking a bath too! So funny,

So just before I went in for the night, I checked the live trap again, and whoa, a new visitor!

He now has a new home, and the cats are so happy!!


June 20, 2013

yesterday morning I caught Matilda sleeping and she was so cute,

I wanted to replant two of the tomatoes in a bigger container and put them over with the other tomatoe where they could get the rain and still have relief in the shade in the hottest part of the day, so I move a large flower pot out of the greenhouse and got that completed. It was sure hot and humid too.

Everything else looks good, although I am having to watch aphids on the eggplant.

This morning while it was still fairly cool, but very humid, I got the tractor out to pushed that mess the Police Jury left on the side of the road at the drive, while I was gone to town. I don't know why they would cut a tree right on the road and my driveway and leave such a mess, but they did. I did the best I could, but I didn't want to get up on the enbankment since I am not as experienced as Lloyd with the tractor and it makes me nervous when the tractor tilts. This is what it looked like as they left it, you can't even see to get out of the drive,

Such a mess, but I pushed it the best I could, and then bush hogged the east side of the drive up the side of the road. By then I was wet, hot and tired so I quit.

Its probably going to rain again today, so I think I will paint.


June 18, 2013

I mowed and sprayed yesterday, trying to get some of this back under control. It seems that 8 months is a long time to leave a farm unattended in Louisiana. We have had so much rain this year, everything is in overdrive to get as thick and high as it possibly can. Sure challenges one to keep up. Mark and Violet (my neice and her husband) came over after it cooled off in the afternoon and Mark trimmed the pecan tree that had gotten into the power line. What a mess that is and it will take me a while to get it under control, but Mark used his pole saw cutting and Vi and I drug the mess of as it was cut. I will spray and get the poisen ivy killed so I can get in there and finish cleaning up. Will take a while, it was so much easier when Lloyd was here.

The patio at least is looking good. I have it almost done, there is one bed of iris I have to work in, but its coming along. The lotus is just gorgeous, in full bloom with seed pods standing up, and those beautiful white and pink blooms

The fish are still there and so many!! hehehe, aparently nothing seems to bother them, Koi are hardy!

That fern palm that I thought the frost had killed year before last is coming out in a vengence--seems it just took neglect and lots of rain, hehehe

I got the gate back up in the lane to the barn for when the girls come home. I can go through the barn or open it to do my mowing.

and of course, I am still working on the painting. Its going to really take some time, its very detailed and the deer are going to take some work, but I think it will be worth it.

I got the spanish moss in and the Egret, but have only started the deer. It keeps me busy! I am most likely going to spray after the dew dries today.


June 16, 2013

I watched Matilda play in the cat pan water container and it was plain it was a bit small, so Saturday when I was in town I got a larger water container for her to play in.

Sally thinks its the best place to get a drink, as long as Matilda isn't splashing water everywhere, of course the citrus trees love it!

This morning I caught Sally on her nest, and I watched her then realized she was wanting to sit on the egg she just laid, so I collected it. I don't think she was too happy about that, but she went off and visited Matilda and scratched in her feed, then stood in front of the fan a while. So funny,

she lays a very pretty light green egg of nice size too!


June 14, 2013

I finally finished the Stellar Jay picture,

So of course I started another painting,

after I fed the cats and got breakfast for Hart and me, I worked on it some more adding the Egret

by then Ellen had came to pick up her loom and had the duck with her. A mallard duck hen, so cute, just right to go in the greenhouse with Sally the hen. Sally thought she was the boogie and hid from her, but the duck was so excited about the pan of water that she didn't care and splashed and splashed, finally settling down beside it to rest. So cute, and so funny!

I named her Matilda, and I think it fits rather well!

This afternoon I caught her playing in the water! I watched for the longest, and got such fun out of it!

animals are so much fun!


June 8, 2013

Today I worked on moving water troughs, and getting the last of the 16ft. panels down and moved trying to get ready for some of the ewes to come home. It was beautiful, cool, sunny and very nice. I had tried to get the valve on for the water to the barn, but was unable to turn the valve to on, so Gunter and Kathy came and Gunter got it on for me. I guess it had just not been turned for too long and had stuck. Now the Electric has been checked out, and the water is on. Fences have been checked and fixed. I have a gate to install yet, but will get it done. I was so glad I had done so much in the morning because by 3 pm it was raining really hard. I did work on the new Steller Jay painting, getting the background started

I caught Sally up on the brooder in the greenhouse "bug hunting". So funny!


June 6, 2013

busy, busy! SWIC Retreat was wonderful! Its been rainy so I have been mowing every chance I get, and doing the spraying when the sun was out and dried the dew. Today was overcast from the beginning, really nice and cool and intermitting rain that was so welcome. Still, I stayed busy inside mostly. I finished the lap robe and its very nice.

The big Magnolia Grandiflora in the circle is in full bloom and they are just so very beautiful.

that double rose of sharon is beginning to bloom too

The Canna's are so bright,

The water lilies and lotus are just beginning too

The daylilies have made me so glad I caught all those pesky raccoons and relocated them, hehe,

Of course I was tempted to take pictures of the nuts forming on the Walnut tree in the front!

I have already started another lap throw in Chenile, and a painting of Stellar Jays.


May 29, 2013

Around 11 am today I went over to Nightengale's farm to pick up some red wheat they were thrashing. Beautiful fat full berries, so exciting!! I got about 11 bushels and brought them home.

I started filling vacumn seal bags and putting them in the coolers to keep them for flour berries.

by 5:00 pm I had this:

I am so pooped out!! The rest I will put out in the feed bins for when the girls get home from Texas.


May 27, 2013

I finally finished the Northern Flicker painting,

I love woodpeckers. They are so stunning, and fun to watch!

Sally has started to peek in the window and thinks its fun to watch me!

She gets up on the flower pot rim, and clucks. I think its so funny!


May 23, 2013

yesterday and the day before was so overcast, and rained off and on. It was very humid too and a good day to stay in, so I started a painting of the Northern Flicker I had seen while staying with the kids at Ft. Lewis/McCord in Washington state. A very beautiful woodpecker with flashy orange and impressive feathers with small black spots and a gorgeous face. They loved the suet feeder the kids had up and visited it often.

I didn't like the way the male's tail feathers looked so I changed the way they curved, and added the suet feeder. I liked that much better.

Now I have the female to add, and I think it will be a very nice painting.

This morning I had to work on the greenhouse roof. It was getting way too hot for Sally during the day without the sunscreen on it, so I started by cleaning it off and securing the visqueen greenhouse cover, then adding the 40% black sunscreen, the the metalic sunshield covers. The temperature inside dropped drasticlly right off!

I still have a bit of securing to do, but its good for now. Its so hot and humid I had to come in and cool off!!

Of course Kitty thought I was nuts!

The tomatoe that is the corner of the deck is starting to bloom now, and I look so forward to that fruit!!


May 20, 2013

I thought I had caught and transplanted all the raccoons, but I set the trap again anyway. I caught another one!!!

So I have set the live trap again tonight. I can't even imagine if there are any more or not, but as long as they get in the trap I will stay with it!

I did get my easel moved over to the house and set up where I can paint again, it helps me to cope with everything, so I am excited about that.

One more step in rebuilding my life.


May 18, & 19, 2013

I didn't get a lot done on Saturday, but I did get some pictures of the flowers. Like the Confederate Jasmine that is so beautiful

and the daylilies I am delaying planting until I think all those destructive Raccoons have a new home

I did spend time knitting on the Gulf Coast handspun throw, which is coming out really nice

Saturday I put out the live trap again and last night I got the third Raccoon!

So I put it in my little trailer and took it around to the truck and put it in the back so I could take it and release it on the lease.

like the second one, it leaped out of the trap and was gone so fast all I got was the trail it left!!!

so funny, but I know the flowers and the fish breathed a sigh of relief!

It looks like rain today, but its never certain what Louisiana weather will do. I hope I get to work in the patio tomorrow.


May 17, 2013

Day before yesterday I caught the first Raccoon that was tearing up my flower beds in a live animal trap. He was released about 20 miles from me--I hope it never finds it way back, hehe. It was a beautiful young one of three. night before last the second one got my bait of marshmellows and ceral but didn't trip the trap. I was disapointed to say the least, but last night I got that one. Like the first it was scared, but wanted to fight. I took it off to a 140 acre hunting lease that belonged to a friend and let it go.

I put trap and all in the back of my truck and when I got there I had a time getting the gate open because it sat on the trip so the door wouldn't stay open. It was so full of fight I was afraid it would go after me so I used my walking stick to hold the door open and after a while it jumped out and like a whole pack of demons were after it disapeared into the woods. I wanted a picture of it going off into the woods, but all I got was this:

So funny, but it felt good to know it was off to a new life more in an area of where it could be itself and not dig in my flower beds or anyone else's. I hope I get the third one tonight and it can join its litter mate.


May 14, 2013

This morning I got the shredder out and Lloyd's little JD seat and started on the walk coming from the house into the patio.

When I looked at what I was going to tackle this morning I felt really intimidated!

A year can really wreck havic with a place, and I am not up to par by a long shot. So I just started in and did a little at a time until I begin to see that I was making some progress. by near noon, I had gotten the bed by the house and the Nigra Magnolia trimmed and looking lots better, except I really need to get the pressure sprayer out and wash the house. It will have to wait a while yet though.

I still have a good bit of mowing to do, so I will try to get after that when it gets too hot to work in the Patio.


May 13, 2013

Today was the first day that it wasn't overcast or raining! As soon as the dew lifted I begin to mow and I mowed until about 3 pm. I broke from mowing and went into the patio to start cleaning out one of the flower beds that had really taken a bad turn while I was gone.

First I got the mower and the trailer out with Lloyd's little John Deere garden seat, and pulled it around to the patio with the tools.

That bed was a mess, and I pulled weeds and vines out of it. Then I placed the roses I had gotten to replace the ones that died while I was gone, and got them planted.

Next I got the cypress mulch in and smoothed it all down. Since the Armadilloes had been in the day lillie bed I put a bit more mulch there too. Watered the beds and spinkled some moth balls around hoping that would keep them out of the beds. We will see--I hope it works.

I still have so much to do in the patio, but I can only do so much at a time, so I work a while and then come in and cool off and rest a while. I know I am making progress, but it sure seems slow!


May 7, 2013

Yesterday afternoon Kaleb and I started working on the poor neglected patio area. I had gotten some beautiful day lilies to start to bring a bed that was just a mess into order, so we started there.

Kaleb did most all of the work for me since I still can't use a shovel without it being just a bit too much for me, and he loves flowers.

The arranging and placement of the bed was awesome, and when the cypress mulch was placed it looked so good!

I know I won't be nearly as quick as Kaleb, but slowly I will work on it and hopefully get the area back in its normally beautiful shape! I plan on working on it until its done, however long it will take. I think the weeding and cleaning will take the longest, but I know the pools are going to be really time consuming.

Today I worked around the pool on the North side and weeded around the benches, cleaned it up and then put the mulch down. I got out the Husky, the tools and mulch and started. Took me all afternoon, but it really makes me feel good to know I have started!

It was hot, slow and I needed to take frequent breaks, but it looks good, now I just have the rest to get done, hehehe,


May 4, 2013

Today we had a Guild Play Day at Albion Norman's house, and did we have so much fun!!

It was Rhonda Selser, Beth Syron, Rachel Rochelle, Albion Norman and her sister Cecile and myself that gathered and we spun, wove, knitted and had the best time!

Rachel came for the first time and Beth proceeded to teach her to spin, SO cool!

Rhonda was spinning some really neat fiber that was a metalic type really fine and it was so pretty.

In this picture you can see Albion's loom with Cecile on hers in the background, of course that's Rhonda in front!

Albion got her bulky flyer and what a big grin she has, hehe

and of course Beth thought all of us were silly!

Sorry, I had the camera as usual, but we really had a fun day!


April 30, 2013

Where has the month gone??? It seems it just started, and its all but over now. Its overcast and warm/humid here today, with 50% chance of rain, so I won't work outside today. Did start the day with oatmeal and Hart loves it so much. She always had oatmeal with Lloyd, so she was really having a fit for me to hurry!

She is so funny and I would be so lonesome without her and the two green birds Cush-Cush and Clyde.

Clyde thinks he is so macho, and Cush-Cush hen pecks him regularly--hehehehehe!

I had to take the Aloe plant out of the greenhouse because Sally the hen thought it was her personal desert. Poor thing was looking a little pathetic!

The Nandina hedge needs trimming again. It sure does grow fast. I cut it back really extreme and it already needs it again.

The tomatoes one of the cats thought was their personal outhouse and made a mess of them which Caleb and I replanted and put cinder block chips around is looking very good. I thought for sure they were done for, but they fooled me!

The "Pot Garden" on the deck is still going strong and very pretty, its so encouraging, and very impressive!


April 27, 2013

Today I learned how to clean the air filter on the Husquavarna, and how to replace the flapper in the toilet tank, not big things but Lloyd always did them. I got the sewing room finished that used to be the exersize room. It was too cloudy and close to raining for me to work outside and the mosquitoes were terrible, so I worked inside. I did get some pictures of the beautiful flowers that are blooming in the yard.

Even the tomatoes are close to changing color, but the aphids have been really bad!

My "Pot Garden" is doing so well, but I had to put pieces of cinder block around one of the tomatoe pots to keep the cats out.


April 26, 2013

I am moving my sewing stuff back over to the house so I can use the room at the Studio that I used as the sewing room for a painting room, so I got my trailer out and started to bring things over to the house. I am slow so it took me all day, hehe.

I spent most of the day going through patterns and sorting them into ones I would use and those that I no longer had a use for. I think I will take them to Goodwill or some place like that. They are nice patterns, and surely someone can use them. There are lots of craft patterns like baby items, coats, and things like that.

A couple of mornings ago I caught Sally the hen taking a dust bath. It was so funny and she is really a beautiful Americana hen, so I took some pictures. She didn't even care, just kept right up at her bath!!


April 22, 2013

I am still trying to get things done, and today I removed the fence between the goat paddock and the kid paddock. Took me all day as I have to stop and recover every so often, but it works. This is how it looked when I started:

It was a mess, and I was intimidated by it at first, but I started removing T-post ties and working my way down the fence until I had them loose. Because every other post was on different sides of the fence I had to remove the ones on the nearest side first so I could lay the fence down and roll it up.

by then I was pooped and it was lunch time too so I came in, got something to eat and sat down to rest. I have been knitting and crochet when I am resting so I did some of that. I had just finished a whipple, and have started on a shawl, both have beautiful color

then it was back out and pull posts so I could roll the wire up. I may have bit off more than I wanted too !

I pulled the remaining posts, got the mower and cleaned up that area. Surely looks nice, I think it was worth it, but I may just knit tomorrow, one more step to getting some of the girls home!


April 21, 2013

Its so hard to take pictures and do things without Lloyd, but I am learning. I am getting the farm back in order after being gone for nearly 8 months trying to recover from this injury and the loss of Lloyd. Still I am doing things, have learned I can work the tractor and have pushed downed tree limbs and trash into piles, cleared up the mess, mowed the yard, and in the secure yards and paddocks, bush hogged a couple of the pastures and generally tried to keep myself so busy it was not so hard.

The yard really is looking nice now, I have mowed it several times, picked up limbs and debris.

I even have a "pot garden" on the deck, tomatoes, eggplant, pepper, squash, cucumbers, green beans (asparagus) and some vining spinach.

The orchard was a little harder, a couple of the trees had died, and two blueberry bushes, but I got that cleaned up too, looks nice

I think the secure yards were the hardest because the sheep are gone. Still, I tackled them, picked up limbs, and debris, then mowed several times to get them in order. I had to push some of the dead trees and debris around the shearing shed before I could mow it well, but Lloyd was a good teacher and I could do it with the bucket on the tractor. Made me feel really good.

I bush hogged the maternity ward pasture and the pasture North of the Shearing shed.

Our good neighbor is going to bush hogg the pasture west of the house as its just a little too much for me right now, and the gate is hard to open. One step at a time!


March 26, 2013

I am starting to work on the Website some now. I am home in Louisiana now, and very happy to be here. It is strange and difficult without my Shepherd, the sheep and all the routines we normally did everyday. Like so many others I am learning what it is to live without my life mate, and companion of so many years. It is hard but I am struggling to adjust. I have decided to keep the website up with information pages, pages dedicated to Lloyd's work over so many years and things that are taking place now that I am home. Slowly I will be adjusting the site to this new way of living. I am still learning to walk again, but am doing very well there too. I am so glad to be home!


October 15, 2012

I want to let everyone know that I am recovering from the leg/hip. I am in Ft. Lewis, Washington with my daughter and her family trying to make some sence of my life and to come to terms with the loss of my beloved shepherd. i am planning on returning home when the time comes that I can walk again. Many thanks to all of you that have sent me prayers and thoughts on my great loss. Please know I think of all of you often.


August 8, 2012

So much has happened in the last 2 months that I don't know where to start. On July 6 I fell and broke my right leg between the knee and hip in three places putting me in the hospital while we were unloading our winter hay. then on July 19, my dearly beloved shepherd left me to be with his Lord in heaven. My grief is overwhelming, and I am trying to deal with this terrible emptiness that seems to consume my every day. We put him to rest and I am now in Washington State with my children trying to deal with this. Our beautiful flock of Gulf Coast sheep are with Brien and Terri Nicolau at Sandia, Texas RMF Flock where they will remain until I can heal and decide the best direction to take. I will try to keep the News Page updated as I can. I am planning on returning home when the healing will allow me to adjust. For now, I am hoping to meet some of the fiber community here and begin the process of learning to live my life without the one that made all the things we loved and cherished so possible. May the good Lord and mighty Shepherd of us all lead and help us in this time of trial and adjustment.


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