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The Care and Maintenance of Wood Tools

Wood needs to be carefully maintained if it is to retain its shape and structure.

When the forester cuts a tree, it must dry long enough for the wood to be able to retain its shape and structure to be made into tools, furniture, etc. Done naturally, takes about a year in an environment that is kept especially for this purpose. Once the wood is cured it's ready for the woodworker to make products from it.

For small hand tools like the ones we make for spinner’s, weaver’s and other fiber artists it is very important to take care of the wood properly. The most beautiful tools are made from woods that would not normally be used, like limb wood. These woods are prone to dry out in conditions that are found in our homes from artificial climates created for our comfort.

In the winter we bombard our wood with heat that dries out the wood, and in the summer cooling systems remove the moisture and cool our environments so we can be comfortable and happy. All these things are destructive to the structures of most woods if we don’t take precautions to care for them.

First we need to dust them off once in a while. Murphy’s oil is very good for this. It cleans the wood and protects the surface of the finish. A good lemon oil or nice furniture wax should be used routinely, about every two months, to feed the wood the oils and moisture that it needs to retain its shape and integrity. Those in drier climates or artificial climates should do this maintenance more often.

Don't leave your nice wood tools in the sun for long periods of time. Try to keep them stored in a place that is out of strong light that could damage the finish, and in a place that the temperatures do not fluctuate to any large extent. Try not to store them in a place that is hot, and dry, or damp. Heat and excessive dry along with excessive dampness will damage wood quickly to the point of no repair.

Heat will warp wood, usually permanently. Moisture will cause rot to start and it's hard to stop. Dry rot weakens the wood permanently. These things are hard to repair if they can be repaired at all.

Don't place your wood tools in a position that will force them to lose their shape, such as a heavy object on them, or binding that will in time cause them to warp out of the shape they should be in.

Properly cared for your tools will last your lifetime, and then some.

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