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How To Wash Your Raw Fleece

Begin by checking through the fleece to make sure there are no odd pieces of vegetable matter or other foreign matter.

As soon as I can I take each fleece and bring it to a skirting/beating table and remove it from the container. I will beat and shake the fleece to try to get as much dirt out as I can. Then I like to place it in a large plastic container (trash cans work great). When I have finished with the entire fleece I fill another container up with cold water and place the fleece into this cold water container. I will let the fleece remain and soak for several hours, sometimes overnight if its really caked. Then remove the fleece and let drain on a screen or such to remove as much water as you can. If neccessary you may have to rinse again in cold water just to remove the dirty water. Aggitate the fleece as little as possible. This will soften the tips where the water has dripped off the fleece during the year, and remove as much loose dirt as you can. I then will bring it to the washing machine and spin it out there.

I like to wash in the washing machine because you can handle the fleece less, you have more water available, its easier to remove the water from the fleece and it makes less of a mess. You can do it anywhere that is convenient, but I am going to talk about the Machine way.

I fill my washing machine up with water as hot as the hot water heater puts out-not boiling, just hot, add hair shampoo and 1 cup of alcohol and agitate just enough to mix up the shampoo and alcohol in the water. I am saying shampoo because if you are not familier with washing fleeces, its easy to burn the fiber with too much detergent. Soap is very hard to get out of a fleece, but usually doesn't hurt if you are going to dye right after washing. The alcohol will help cut the grease if it is very greasy. You won't need it on a fleece that is not greasy normally.

Then, (only after mixing the detergent/shampoo), add the fleece and gently push down into the water. Leave sit in the water for 15-20 minutes, and then spin out the water. NEVER EVER agitate the fleece.

Remove the fleece, refill the washing machine. Place the fleece back in and push gently down into the water carefully, and then spin out the water. Repeat this rinse cycle as many times as you wish as long as you keep the water warm to medium hot and its only water.

In the next to last rinse add hair conditioner and agitate the water to dissolve the conditioner. Add the fleece, and gently push down into the water. Let stand for at least 15 to 20 minutes and then spin out the water.

Remove the fleece, refill washing machine. Add the fleece and gently push down into the water. Spin the water out and remove the fleece.

Take the fleece and tease apart with your hands onto a screen or other such that has good circulation of air and let dry. If you wish and want the fleece to dry quickly use a fan, or put in the sun.

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