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Using Your Nostepinde

Plying with your Nostepinde

There are 4 types of nostepindes that will do different jobs in helping you with your spinning. First is the nostepinde we see that is plain and simple. There is the plying nostepinde of which there are 2 types. One is shorter and has a pronounced flare on which the ball will rest during plying.

The other plying nostepinde is a long slimmer one that sometimes has a pronounced flare for the ball to rest on. This nostepinde is used more as a distaff type noste to control the ball while it is held stationary to free both hands to work the yarn.

The third type of nostepinde is a balling nostepinde. It is fat, and fairly short. I use it to wind a ball to be transfered to a plying nostepinde.

Wrap a couple rounds on the neck in the thumb indention or just hold the end of the thread there in the indention with your thumb to secure the thread end.

Then holding the handle in your least handy hand, wrap yarn around the neck of the nostepinde about halfway of the tapered end about 1 to 2 inches close together.

Then beginning from right to left, at the bottom right side wind from closest to you upwards to left-top of yarn wraps, turning the nostepinde counterclockwise, wrapping with your free hand clockwise.

Continue until ball is formed and full, or finished. Tension should be firm, medium to tightly secure. The ball should slide off nostepinde intact, or you can ply at this point.

To use the balling nostepinde hold it the most comfortable way you can to turn it as you wrap the ball onto the tool.

Ply by removing the ball and inverting it so that the inner thread points upward to the small point of the taper. Then catch both ends, outer and inner threads, and begin to ply as normal.

Secure the ball with your handy hand holding the ball steady on the nosty with the thumb, catching any slack with the ring/little fingers as needed. You can use the end of the nosty to tension the yarn also as needed.

This takes a little practice to control the yarn and nosty at the same time, but in time will become easier and uncomplicated. You can control the yarn and stop tangles before they happen.

If you wish you can ply from the Nostepinde with a ball wound on a ball winder, just begin where you inverted the ball above and ply.

Another way to use a nostepinde is to use the distaff nostepinde. This nostepinde is made extra long so you can grip it without using your hands.

Use the nostepinde to hold the ball steady and secure while you pull the yarn from the tip of the nostepinde as you ply

If you need you can tilt the tip of the nostepinde towards the flyer so that the yarn will slip off the tip of the nostepinde

Plying Noste at work

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