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Hand Carding

There are many ways to card fibers with Hand Cards. I won't go into all the different ways, nor try to say which is the best or most efficient way to hand card. I'm going to explain the way I get my best results.

First I like to label my Cards "Left" and "Right". I don't know if this is best for the preservation of the cards or if it's just something that's been passed down from generation to generation for a specific reason. I prefer labeling and I feel that it helps to keep the teeth of the cards in better condition than not doing so. I always use the Left card in the left hand and the Right card in the right hand.

To load the cards I grasp a handful of fiber-irregardless of what fiber it is, wool, cotton, mohair- whatever, and brush the fiber across the face of the left card until it will not easily take on any more fiber. Then with the left card balanced on my knee, handle away from my body I take the right card and stroke it across the face of the left card. Don't "scrape" the cards, just stroke them- causing the fiber from the left card to "comb" onto the right card.

When the right card has taken on fiber from the left card and the left card fiber is combed and smooth, transfer the fiber from the right card onto the left card: turn the right card bottom up, handle away from the body and brush the surface of the card teeth across the surface of the card teeth of the left card. All of the fiber should transfer from the right card to the left card with ease. Then comb the right card over the fiber on the left card until it also is combed and smooth.

Repeat this process until you are satisfied all the fiber is combed. Now you need to transfer the fiber from the left comb to the right comb and recard. Turn the right card with the handle away from your body, teeth down and brush it up the left card from the bottom to the top where the handle is. This should lift all the fiber off the left card onto the right card. Turn the right card, with the handle towards your body and comb the fiber back to the left card repeating the combing process. When you have completed the combing and are satisfied with the finished look of the fiber you will remove the fiber from the left card in the same manner previously.

You can roll the fiber into a birdnest, ready for spinning or storage,

OR--you can roll the fiber into a fat rolag or predraft into a long slim rolag for spinning. Punis are made by rolling the rolag onto a slim dowel and twisting the fiber tightly into a long slim rolag.

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