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Spinning Wheel Flyer Tension Systems

There are 3 types of Pulleys for Flyer type wheels.
The Double Drive (belt) bobbin lead
The Single Drive (belt) Scotch Tension
The Single Drive (belt) bobbin lead Indian-Head Tension

Double Drive:
With the double drive type of tensioning there is power on both the flyer pulley and the bobbin pulley. In this type the flyer causes the twist and the bobbin pulls in the thread by means of a slipping action of the bobbin when not pulling in. On double drive wheels the drive band is a large loop of sufficient length to pass twice around the drive wheel and flyer assembly. Tension is usually a screw device that allows the flyer assembly to be moved closer or further from the drive wheel. This large loop is doubled with the right hand twist having the cross set on the bottom and on a left hand twist the cross is to be set on the top. The part of the band which is crossed is always to be the part that is running away from the drive wheel.

Scotch Tension:
Power is on the flyer pulley and there is a brake on the bobbin pulley by means of a line from the maiden bar over the bobbin pulley and attached to the maiden bar on the opposite side usually by means of a spring or rubber band. The flyer causes both twist and pull or slipping of the brake line. On this type of tensioning the cord should be of a type to allow some slippage during spinning so that the spinner may hold back the yarn fractionally during spinning to allow compensation for uneven places, and to remove extraneous matter that may be in the yarn. A tight brake band slows down the bobbin, and hastens the wind on of the yarn. With experience very little tension is needed on the brake band and treadling will maintain the correct tension. Always remove tension from the spring or rubber band when not spinning.

Indian-Head Tension
In this system there is power on the bobbin whorl and a brake on the flyer shaft or pulley, usually the flyer shaft. The tension on the flyer shaft is most times by a leather band and a tension screw mechanism. The flyer causes the twist and the bobbin causes the pull or slipping of the brake. With the Indian-Head type it is a bobbin lead, and a bit easier to adjust than the Scotch Tension. Usually these wheels have a very large drive wheel for speed, and the bulk spinners have a small drive wheel for thick yarns. Using the tension band on these type of spinners is not always necessary, and sometimes not desirable. The tension band is needed to slow down the flyer to stop overtwist, and the flyer moves faster as the bobbin fills up. This causes greater friction on the Spindle.


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