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How To Spin Carded Batts

At Running Moon Farm our fleeces are guided through processing with respectful hands and if you're used to commercially prepared fibers you'll notice the difference right away. Our hand processed batts are available in natural fibers, blends, and dyed lots.

Byed and Blended   Natural and Blended

You will want to split your batts vertically rather than pull them apart in layers. Pulling apart will destroy the blending patterns and the alignment of fibers. Take your time and separate the strips easily.

Split the batts as many times as you like. Begin in the middle of the batt, then split from the middle of each half and so on, until the strips are as thin as you are comfortable working with.

start by pulling the batt into in the center of the batt.

form one half of the batt into a little ball, tucking the end into the center of the ball to secure it. Then separate the other half of the half batt into halves again.

form one of the halves into the little ball, tucking the end into the center of the ball again, and set it aside. Continue in this maner until you have the half slim enough to your liking. Then take the piece of strip and predraft it to the thickness you wish to spin.

you can wind all the loose strips into "bird nest" balls, tucking the ends into the center of the ball and place them where they are easy to reach for your spinning. You can predraft as you spin, or do it before you make the bird nests.

Your skein is not finished until you full it, which is just washing and drying the skein. If it is plyed properly it will hang balanced and you can make a finished skein and store it for use.

Dyed and Blended Skein

Natural Blended Skein

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