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Fiber from Running Moon Farm

Lloyd always loved sheep, and in 1969 we got a small flock and have had them ever since. Read about them at Gulf Coast Sheep

Margrett Spinning

The fiber we sell is all grown and processed right here at Running Moon Farm. Consequently our supply is limited to what is available at any given time.

Depending on size of garment and number of stitches you can figure how much fiber is needed for a project. While I can't predict how much fiber you will need for a project an example is that in weaving you will need about the same amount of yarn for weft as is required in warp on a balanced weave. Example: using a 12 dent reed for a project 12 inches wide you will need 144 threads however long the project will be (say 100 inches). In other words 144 x 100 inches= 14400 divided by 36 for yards would be 400 yards. So a weaving project for a scarf 12 inches wide by 100 inches long would be approximately 800 yards without providing for shrinkage, or loom waste.

Likewise a knitted scarf 10 inches by 56 inches with a stitch gauge 4 stitches per inch would be approximately 380 yards. Or a hat sized adult medium through large with 4 stitches per inch would be aproximately 190-200 yards. A pair of socks stitch gauge 5 stitches per inch in woman's large aproximately 260 yards.
You will need to also take into concideration if you knit/weave/crochet loosely or tight, or any other option that might affect the gauge of the piece.

Taking into concideration that some small options will determine exactness of the spinning here are some figures accepted by the industry for figuring yards per pound:

Lace weight=up to 2600 ypp
Fingering weight=1900-2400 ypp
Sport weight=1200-1800 ypp
Worsted weight=900-1200 ypp
Bulky weight=600-800 ypp

I try to list the yarns as accurately as I can using a McMoran Yarn Balance to figure the yardages. The accepted yarn types, gauge, WPI, and Needle Sizes are as follows:

ultrafine/Lace: 8 stitches/inch*-*18 or more WPI*-*US 00-2/ MM 2-3
Fine/Fingering: 6-8 Stitches/inch*-*16 WPI*-*US 2-4/ MM 3-3.75
Medium/sport: 5-6 stiches/inch*-*14 WPI*-*US 4-6/ MM 3.75-4.5
Heavy/Worsted: 4-5 stiches/inch*-*12 WPI*-*US 7-9/ MM 5-6
Bulky: 3-4 stiches/inch*-*10 WPI*-*US 10-10 1/2/ MM 6.5-7.5
Very Bulky: 2-3 stiches/inch*-*8 WPI*-*US 13-15/ MM 9-10

fingering weight yarn, at US 2 knitting needle, and 18/20 Wpi alongside of a McMoran Yarn Balance

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